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The husband gives the child a name identity and a safe arena to grow up in, a family to belong to. He provides for the family and sees it as his responsibility and duty even if the woman works too.

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The very best signs for Jupiter are the sign of Cancer, Pisces, and Sagittarius. Attracting a good husband is much easier when Jupiter is in these signs. This is because Jupiter is strong enough to take care of his responsibilities and produce all the good stuff that Jupiter represents. Wealth, happiness, children, optimism and grace.

Jupiter in the signs of Scorpio, Aries, or Leo is pretty good too. When Jupiter is in these signs, he gets help from his friends and can bring you a husband that you will be happy with. Jupiter in Leo represents a husband who has a greater sense of purpose and consistency of fortune.

Jupiter in various houses according to Vedic Astrology

This Sun-ruled Jupiter is pure-hearted, noble, and intelligent. Being the wife of this kingly man makes the woman feel like a queen.

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Jupiter in Taurus or Libra , Virgo or Gemini, are in the signs of his great enemies. Here he will struggle to bring you a man who is able to fulfill his responsibilities as a husband. A good husband is as involved in the relationship as you are. He thinks about what would be good for the relationship long-term, kicks your tires takes care of the cars, etc.

Jupiter in Aquarius

You have to be more independent in marriage and do many of these things yourself when Jupiter is in these signs. When you have Jupiter in Capricorn, a relationship has numerous challenges. One woman with Jupiter in Capricorn had men suddenly disappear on her. This happened to her over and over.

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Everything would start out great and then weeks or months into the relationship, he would vanish never to be heard from again. She is working on her happiness without a man. Another woman with Jupiter in Capricorn would attract men with wonderful qualities, but he would also have a mental illness that made the relationship difficult, draining, or impossible.

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Yet another woman wanted to know if she would attract a man who was good for her she had a pattern of partners being cheaters, deadbeats or con men. The natives having Jupiter in Aquarius would possess good intellect and knowledge due to Jupiter but that would not be visible and won't play any part in their journey towards success and prosperity due to which they could pursue a fluctuating path and could lack the peace and harmony in life. The kumbha people of this arena having Jupiter in Aquarius would stay humanitarian and generous like other fellow natives but would not be able to make people believe them and would stay notorious figure in the public eye without much guilt of their own.

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  • People with this combination are also likely to have many friends and associates, possibly attracted to them by their knowledge and unique and revolutionary ideas. They are also likely to feel very at home with around new technologies. For them juggling a computer, ipad and mobile phone all at the same time is second nature. Discover what Jupiter in each sign of the zodiac in your horoscope means from the corresponding pages in this section. If you would like to explore your natal chart or horoscope further, including your Jupiter sign, please see our computer generated for details. Jupiter in Aquarius Personality With Jupiter in Aquarius, the planet lies in the last and most evolved of the air signs.