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But one thing is for sure, you will not let another negative situation pass you without expressing your feelings. You are no ones carpet! Cancer: Secretive information surfaces without warning. Puzzling situations fall into place before your eyes. Someone you hardy ever speak with calls during the full Moon with curious info. A matter you didn't know now becomes known, an old enemy reappears. Watch who you speak with as your words will be repeated to the very person you didn't want to hear them.

Leo: Your schedule swells with activities this full Moon! There will be plenty of things to do and lots of people to see. Good friends keep you busy with invites to fun parties.

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Your social life is abundant and the opportunity to meet a new love can happen as well. Be prepared to look your best…someone is definitely admiring you! Virgo: Matters at work can get a bit messy around the full Moon. You might not feel so confident that you're at the right job or in the best position.

Vibes between you and coworkers might not be the best. Avoid all confrontations if possible and try 'reading between the lines' when your supervisor speaks to you. Chances are that things are not as they appear to be.

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Libra: Informative conversations are tremendously insightful this full Moon. You can be blindsided with matters that have been hidden from you. Someone has something important to tell you, so be available. The most innocent chat can lead to a deeper understanding of why certain things are happening around you without your knowledge…and now you need to know.

Scorpio: Thoughts of money are strong on your mind during the full Moon as you contemplate how to resolve a certain matter. Financial situations can change over night if you're not aware of what is happening with the accumulation of debt or your credit standing. Don't just think that things will take care of themselves. Stay on top of your finances. Sagittarius: The status of your love relationship becomes critical this full Moon. You need to know if the person you love is worth of your time and affection. Enlightened matters surface that will help you consider the future of your love life in a new or current partnership.


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Hopefully you haven't wasted your effort, and if so, avoid spending any more energy on something that is no longer working for you. Capricorn: Keep your comments and observations to yourself this full Moon. A coworker will misunderstand something you've said and create major confusion on the job.

Avoid all gossip if possible because the person you're talking with will share everything you've told them. Talking less and listening more will be your key to success this full Moon. Silence is golden! Aquarius: Excitement explodes in your love life around the full Moon. A situation you've been waiting on finally occurs and you couldn't be happier for it. Either a person you've longed to be with is ready to share their love or you finally get rid of an unwilling and unfulfilling lover. Whatever the case you have reason to celebrate a major change in your romantic life this full Moon!

Pisces: Conversations with family members can wear on your nerves this full Moon. Yes, being that it is the holiday season and you'll probably be in their presence does not give them the liberty to say anything to you. Avoid them at functions if you can…and if not, take it up with them later with a phone call. The moment has come to get a few things straight…because you will no longer put up with their negative behavior! It shows a circle of women dancing under a night time sky with a brightly lit full Moon shining over head.

This card suggests that you might be undergoing a personality change or trying to let go of old habits and life patterns that's been holding you back. The name of 'celebration,' infers that before the end of the year is perfect for celebrating your life and appreciating the changes that have occurred to bring growth. Celebrate the passage of time and everything it brings. In traditional Tarot, this card is revealed as Judgement where it depicts figures rising from the dead towards heaven with the angel Gabriel blowing a horn.

On the 26th there is a new Moon in the sign. This new Moon is also a solar eclipse…adding more power to the lunar cycle. This new Moon allows you to cleanse and reset negative circumstances in your finances, career and responsibilities in your partnership.

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Take a look below to see how this new Moon in Capricorn might influence you Aries: A big career decision awaits you! Do you continue your current path or do you take a risk for something more prominent? You end the year with several planets and the new Moon in your career sector.

The moment has come for a serious change. If you stay where you are make sure there are strong future benefits, if not, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain with a career redirection soon! Taurus: Asking questions of certain people will get you nowhere. The new Moon strengthens your intuition with tremendous insight. If you have a question about something or someone that is bothering you, quietly sit alone and pay attention to the images and visions that come to mind. Your answer will materialize. Trust what you see and feel. Gemini: The faster money arrives, the faster it disappears!

The new Moon warns of financial mismanagement. Avoid the temptation of taking blessings for granted. If extra money appears use it wisely. You never know when an emergency might happen. Stay away from excessive shopping if possible…you'll be enticed by all the sales. Bring the New Year in with some money in your pocket! Start the year off right!

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Cancer: A long time friend disappoints you this new Moon. It appears that you've placed your trust in the wrong person. Mind and delve deeply allows great intelligence to grow. Get immediate free access to. Luna feelings and emotions; Mars action, spontaneity, aggression, and drive. In connecting to the world of.