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If you are unable to attend this job fair, there will be a second one held Saturday, April 18 from 10 a. Program Expands able to talk with residents and business owners about community issues, neighborhood concerns, or just get acquainted. For more information, call the Community Engagement Unit at The Explorer Program is a fun and safe way for teenagers to learn more about the field of law enforcement and get community service hours. Explorers donate between five to 20 vol-. If you are between the ages of 14 to 18 and think that you might be interested in learning more about becoming a Police Explorer or having a future career in law enforcement, please visit www.

Applications will be accepted through February 13, , or when a sufficient number are received. For more information and to complete an application, visit www. We have had a tremendous response from the Fremont community in support of the boxART! Thank you! Due to this incredible interest, we are issuing a Phase 2 Call to Artists! Utility Box template. With a growing number of boxes completed and more scheduled to begin, the momentum for boxART!

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With the Phase 2 Call to Artists we will. Already an increasing number of sponsors have stepped up to the plate, from large and small businesses to places of worship and private citizens. If you would like to learn how to sponsor a box, please contact Program Manager Susan Longini at boxart fremont. Special Saturday classes will be held from 9 a.

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If you are part of a group and would like to schedule your own personal group PEP class, please contact Chuck Guaraglia, Public Education with the Fremont Fire Department, at or guaragliac comcast. The kitchen is the focal point of any home. It's a place where you eat, congregate and celebrate life's big moments.

If you are an empty-nester looking for the kitchen of your dreams, a parent seeking to match your kitchen to your growing family or you simply feel inspired to change things for the better, it's time to stop dreaming and start planning. Your dream kitchen has many details that complete the look. Three popular upgrades sure to add style and substance are granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and new cabinets. Here are the things you need to look for when considering your kitchen upgrade, courtesy of the professionals at DirectBuy. Some countertops have a small formulaic pattern while others feature more variety.

It all comes down to what you find visually pleasing and what fits your style. Granite countertops are available in polished or honed finishes. If you're looking to create a classy, state-of-the art kitchen, the polished finish is probably the better choice. But if you're more interested in that classic kitchen feel, consider the honed look.

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  • Your best place to get answers to any of your questions is your kitchen products supplier and design center, where they can work with you to determine the best fit for your needs. Granite countertops There are plenty of options when shopping for granite countertops.

    You want your countertops to stand out and be the focal point of the kitchen. Choose countertops that are significantly lighter or darker than your cabinets.

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    This contrast will draw the attention they deserve. Stainless steel appliances Today's stainless steel appliances not only look great, and are easy to clean, but the range of choice you have is tremendous. So how do you determine which model is right for you?

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    How big does each of your appliances have to be to satisfy the needs in your home and what are your. If space is tight, you can improvise by selecting a smaller refrigerator and then have a separate wine and drinks fridge. These can often go under the counter and replace standard cabinet. Selecting energyefficient appliances will save you money in the long run. If you are replacing all of your appliances, start with the largest one, the refrigerator. How large a unit are you looking for? Do you want dual French doors?

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    What about an in-unit water dispenser? Is counter-depth important? Consider these questions in advance to narrow your search. Stainless steel appliances have different finish patterns, so select your refrigerator first and then look to match that pattern while shopping for your other appliances. New cabinets Kitchens cabinets provide functional storage options as well as aesthetic appeal - based on their color and quality. Do you love big, bold vibrant colors or are you a person that enjoys the sleek, clean look of polished glass. Decide what type of cabinets appeal to you and be sure to compare your choice to your appliances and countertop selections.

    Want to find the perfect cabinets and protect the environment? You can do this by looking for cabinets made from bamboo, reclaimed wood or wheat board. Installing new cabinets allows you the opportunity to improve storage space options in your kitchen. Floor level storage is good bonus and you can extend your cabinets all the way to the ceiling by removing the soffits. The kitchen of your dreams is waiting for you. All it takes is understanding what you want and asking the right questions. To learn more about how DirectBuy can help you recreate your kitchen while saving you money, visit Directbuy.

    Growing up in creative household, with a set designer father and an aspiring actress mother, Newton showed an aptitude for drawing and art early in his life. As a teenager he worked in print shops and technical publication departments doing illustrations and assembling artwork for manuals.

    Having learned commercial art from his father, Newton con-. As a professional artist for over 30 years, Newton utilizes a variety of styles in his work, from realism to abstract, to cubism and surrealism. A multi-talented artist whose work ranges from the fine arts to the commercial and graphic arts, from line drawings to intricately detailed paintings, Newton has exhibited all over the Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Boston.

    click here Opening reception: Friday, Feb 13 7 p. If you have a business with no central Station alarm. There could be nocoverage for theft. Stilts, a pair of upright poles equipped with supports for the feet, enable the user to walk several feet above the ground. Stilt walkers of Namur, Belgium, have fought on stilts since Throughout their history, stilts have also been utilized for practical purposes — from traversing flooded fields and rivers to gaining a better vantage point from which to herd sheep.

    Today, however, the purpose of stilts has evolved into largely recreational and a hobby. The activity, led by naturalist Christina Garcia, is open to everyone ages eight and above. The program will be held on the tennis courts and typically attracts around 10 to 50 people.

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    • Stilt Walkers Sunday, Feb 15 2 p. Since work takes up a huge chunk of our time, I came up with a quiz to assess how much you love your job.

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      The quiz is simple — just read through the questions and note which answers A, B or C crop up the most for you. You: A Jump out of bed, eager to go to work B Wish you could snooze in bed, but you get up and get to work on time C You pull the covers over your head and wish that it were the weekend. Then again, you spent the whole weekend dreading Monday, so your weekend was not that great. You feel really depressed thinking about the unbearably L-O-N-G space of time between now and next weekend.

      You would describe your work as: A Fun, interesting, stimulating B Okay because it pays the bills C Incredibly boring, pressured, or stressful or all three 4. C Horrible. Hitler would be a better boss than your current boss 6. What would you choose to do instead of your current job? C Anything sounds better than your current job — even eating rat poison.

      How do you feel about yourself as a worker? A Great — you feel like you are contributing to your company, your workers, and even to society. The public is invited to attend this engaging. C Depressed — you feel terrible about yourself, you cry daily about having this crummy job. How does your work affect your family and friends?