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Initially you may have fallen in love with the room, the homemade food, or our outstanding service. But after time, you began to see the little things which make The Copper Pig so unique. However, not everyone appreciated what we were doing and they were in shock to find we do not serve steaks, do not make french fries, … or wait for it … do not sell Budweiser.

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The ones who really did not understand what we were trying to do is a socialhouse from down south. And although I was upset with being served papers, the final outcome was amazing, because people started rallying behind the business, and news spread of a new bbq house in town. And we have had a lot of fun doing it. I cannot begin to count the good times we have had. TCP has held fundraising events, St. We have had people share their birthdays with us, engagements, graduations and family reunions … which tend to lead to family arguments over what is considered a vegetable.

Then there was the fire. And I feel enough has been said, or already previously written about the events of the fire on George Street. But if you crave more, you can read the newspapers articles in our washrooms. One of my favourite stories from the fire comes from one of our regulars. Now this gentleman is a huge fan of TCP. He loves our bbq.

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