Libraio y libra son signos compatibles

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Vo- piscus was an imitator of Trebellius ; and thus it is supposed that we can see that the whole letter of Valerian is really due to the rhetoric of Vopiscus. But Valerian had been princeps senatus, and was a man of culture cp. Gibbon, ed. Bury, i. Scipiones nobis et Camillos omnesque illos veteres suis virtutibus, suis consiliis, sua providentia reddidisset cp.

Again, in a public letter to the Roman people, Aurelian says Firm.

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This cannot, says Peter, be accident : it must be due to the rhetoric of an individual. And if the phrase is specially Vopiscan, it is curious that in none of the places where Vopiscus speaks in his own person of the gfreat exploits of those two heroes of his does he ever make use of the phrase cp. As to the repetition of the phrases in the letters which appear in Tacit. It is accordingly natural that they should contain many collocations of words facimus imperatores : nuncupamus Augustos which were probably stock phrases of senatorial pretensions.

No one will deny that Vopiscus has something of the rhetorician about him : not that his writing is good or even fluent ; but it evinces a certain amount of rhetorical training and floridness of style. His prefaces display these qualities, especially those that treat in a large way of periods of Roman history.

Many of the speeches which are quoted in his works also show some influence of the rhetorical school ; but why should not the senators and others to whom they are attributed have possessed the same abilities, and been able to make practical use of the same kind of instruction which Vopiscus and doubtless all educated Romans obtained?

Libraio y libra son signos compatibles

Klebs Rh. Among these we find cases like late longeque Prob. The three most striking that appear in his list are semper securus et sobrius Bonos On the strength of such alliterations we are to attribute to Vopiscus a letter of a senator Tacit. Again, a letter from the army to the senate is suspected because its superscription is alliterative.

It ran Felices ac fortes exercitus Senatui P.

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But that collocation was in a measure the usual one: cp. A speech purporting to be by Tacitus Aur. Yet the collocation is a common one : cp. Aurelian Prob. But that suspicion is to be distrusted when we consider that so many of the unusual words affected by Vopiscus alone among the Scriptores Hist. Nor is it easy to see rhetorical artifice beyond Aurelian's or his secretary's powers in his remark about Zenobia timet quasi feminay pugnat quasi vir poenam timens ; nor in the antithesis attributed to Tacitus Aur.

The whole speech of Saturninus But Klebs p. Truly, if so, Vopiscus combined subtlety and simplicity in a remarkable degree; for he quotes Marcus Salvidienus to vouch for the fact that this speech was delivered by Saturninus. In that very strong support, passage it is a v. If this is so, Vopiscus would seem to have laid to heart Cicero's saying Fam. Vopiscus is supposed to have been a great Ciceronian.

Brut, maxima cum gratia et gloria ad summam amplitu- dinem pervenisset, ascendens gradibus magistratuum. AureL In the first of these examples both writers express, indeed, the same trite idea, but there seems no necessary borrowing of language; the words are the simple words which anyone would use.

Plutarch Alex. If Vopiscus chose, he might have taken much from that abusive speech to heighten his condemnation of Carinus; for he certainly knew the speech: cp. Elsewhere, too, Vopiscus Aur. But all educated Romans had read, and were more or less familiar with, Cicero's writings : we have only to look at Peter's Index to see references to him in the other writers of the Augustan History : and Ammianus, about a century later, often quotes him. So it need not be considered strange if we find in any of the writings of these ages Ciceronian turns.

Thus Kllebs appeals to the collocation solutus ac liber Aur. But Dr. Reid, on Acad. Nor can esto Prob. Phrases like Quousque ultra progredimur Tac. The imitation appears to me entirely to rest on the repetition of tesft's, Manlius says that Probus has left memorials of his victories all over the world.

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That the end of the speech of Manlius appeals to the Capitoline triad of divinities, Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, as does Cicero in the De Domo , is no proof of imitation. Those divinities are appealed to by others also : e. Eumenes in Panegyr. That the speech of Ulpius Silanus in Aur. This is mere accident. How more naturally would the very simple ideas be expressed? As to the story of Damocles told in the very rhetorical speech of Saturninus But it was common property. Ammianus Peter finds in the inserted documents, it can, I think, be shown that many of these peculiarities are only peculiarities in the sense that the other writers of the Augustan History do not usq the words or phrases in question — not that they are rare or non-existent elsewhere in Latin literature.

We must remember that Vopiscus and his documents comprise nearly one-fifth of the Augustan History, so that it is only natural that certain turns of expression or construction should be found, by microscopic investigation, within these limits only. But none are at all so peculiar as to make it seem strange that both the ostensible authors of the several documents and Vopiscus should have used them ; and certainly not so peculiar, considering the extent of the work of Vopiscus, as to induce us to believe that he would engage in such barefaced and extensive forgery — forgery, too, which could be so easily detected by his contemporaries — as.

The instances of correspondence between Vopiscus and the documents given by Peter Die Script. But it occurs more than once in Suetonius e. The addition of salutare in Quod bonum faustum felix salutareqae sit, found in a letter of the Senate, Tac. Varro L. Pro pudor in the speech of a consul Aur. Nihil est quod is certainly found in Plautus and in Cicero see Dictionaries , and presents nothing unusual except the accident that the collocation seems to occur in the Aug.

Hist, only in an edict of Aurelian Firm. Fecundate is an unusual word, no doubt ; and we can readily believe Wofflin that it is not found in historians. It is hardly necessary to say that Quid plura i and Quid multa? Ad pedes iacere may not be found in the Aug. Hist, outside the volume of Vopiscus ; but it occurs in Panegyr. Vtriutibus fulgere Prob. Stmul quia for the very common shnul quod is a variety of expression which betokens nothing.

Klebs notices the variation in Capitolinus, Pertinax 6. The collo- cation barbarae gentes seems to occur in all ages from Cicero to Cassiodorus cp.